1. Information Center 
  2. Cloak Room
  3. Kalyan Mandap (Marriage Bedi- Nos-04)
  4. Bhoga Mandap (2 nos)
  5. Brata
  6. Balapaka (Mandap)
  7. Rest House
  8. Sradha
  9. Book Stall (All types of books/CDs/Videos/Photos available)
  10. Mandir Bhoga Stall  ( All types of Bhogas available to buy )
  11. Nadia etc Puja Stall (Coconut Stall);- (For personal puja for visitor puja
  12. materials like coconut,Dhupa,Deepa,Phula etc @ Rs.30 available)
  13. Parking Facility:(All types of vehicles parking facility)
  14. Shoes Stand and Stitching:(Shoes.belt and all types of leather are kept under custody as these are not allowed in; torn shoes are also repaired)
  15. ISD/STD Call Facilty: (All types of mobile voucher/tell call facilities available)
  16. Park & Garden : (To refresh the mind you can move around the Park and Garden that is under construction)


  1. Mandir Guest House (Nos-05 , 2 V.I.P , 2 a/c , V.I.P Rs.600 pday , A/C Rs.500  Non-A/C 400 pday )
  2. Vindhyavasini Guest House (Nos-04 , 2 a/c , 2 non-ac , A/C Rs.500 pday , Non-A/C Rs.400 , Book all 4 for Marriage Total Rs.2000 , Rs.1000 for any two)
  3. Dharmasala (Nos-03: No1,No2,No3; Rs. 100  per day for Visitor , Rs.1000 Per day  for Dharmasala No.1 & Rs. 2000 Dharmasala No.2  for Marriage & Brata; each Dharmasala has 4 rooms Non-A/C)
  4. Panthanivash (Dept. Of Tourism) (A/C.all facilities; Contact dept.of Tourism,Sambalpur,ORISSA Ph....)
  5. Forest IB (Contact dept.of Forest,Paikmal,Bargarh,ORISSA Ph....)
  6. Kenduleaves IB (Contact dept.of Kunduleaves,Paikmal,Bargarh,ORISSA Ph....)
  7. Local Lodging & Boarding (Paikmal,Padampur,Bargarh,Nuapara,Sambalpur,Bolangir)

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